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My Mother, Alice, was a resident at Venetian Gardens for almost 26 months....It's hard to express how indebted we feel to the wonderful nurses and aides that were her "angels" every day in the 200 wing. We need to recognize the staff's professionalism but what stands out above all else was the patience, thoughtfulness, and loving care that were always evident. Christie: was always responsive to any questions, concerns or needs. Nurses: We had total confidence in this group. They were always on top of every situation. Wonderful to work with. So approachable. Never felt that any request or question was a bother...Linda, was our "rock." The relationship that we formed with her was based on the utmost trust. We were lucky to have her. Aides: They are truly angels. We can't say enough about their professionalism, compassion, consistency, and caring nature. The night-time staff: ...We never met these "unsung heroes" because we visited during the day. These are the poeple htat tucked Mom in and made sure that she was comfortable and safe all through the night. Therapy group: Everyone who worked with Mom showed such patience and care. Housekeeping staff: Always caring and thoughtful as they performed their daily functions keeping Mom's room clean and tidy. Christina: ...is so knowledgeable. She was an invaluable resource to us. Christina was always available to answer questions, to point us in the right direction. We never encountered her when she didn't have a smile on her face. Thanks to all the special people who are part of the Venetian team. We made the right decision when we chose Venetian Gardens for the care of our mother.

Sandy & Tom

Christina...Most importantly, we appreciate the time you take with our mother. We truly do. She thinks the world of you and always tells us about the nice things you do for her. It was nice to see her get out and go shopping with you for her birthday. She has been reluctant to leave with us citing her legs being to weak to walk, so she has declined offers to go to restaurants, stores and our homes. It's great to see that you got her out in public again. My wife and I visited her last night and she was in great spirits and looked very chic in her new outfit. She again told us about your generosity dropping off some perfume to her. I don't want you to think that your kind actions go unnoticed. They don't. We sincerely appreciate you...Take care and God Bless!!!


I think Venetian Gardens is a great community to live in. We are treated like family, that’s what makes it a wonderful place to live. The staff is super. The Activity Director, Amy, & The Administrator, Tim, are really super people. The food is great & the building is clean.


I would defiantly rather be here with other people than to be home alone. I like all the staff. Everyone here is so nice. I am very happy here.


I adore Tim Wagtrom [Facility Administrator]. I love all the staff. I am truly happy here. I couldn’t say enough it’s the best. Everyone is so good to me.


I enjoy living here. I have made friends with other residents. I enjoy playing games with my friend’s every day. We have a lot of fun. I am really happy to be here. The staff is so hard working & nice.


This is a good place; the nurses & nurse aide are nice & helpful. We have fun Activities & I love to go to activities & play Bingo.


I think it’s a great spot! My mother finds other residents that are great people & friends. I am really happy that activities are offered and my mom enjoys going to activities and I think it’s great to have something that makes the residents happy. The location is nice & easy to get to. The staff is wonderful & helpful. My mom enjoys being here & has made friends. We couldn't have picked a better place for mom to call home.


My stay here was awesome. Every problem or personal need I had Karlee always was there for me and solved all my needs! Night Shift was awesome!! They are always there to help and are super hard workers! Physical Therapy was the best staff I have ever had!! Day Shift was great! Food was great! The people over all were kind and wonderful!! Thanks for taking care of me in my time of need!! Couldn’t have done it without your help!


My Mother has been a resident here for over 4 years. All of the staff are very knowledgeable, caring, friendly, and helpful.

The staff have went out of their way to address any of our concerns and to make sure our mother gets very good care.

The building is clean, pleasant and welcome. The resident’s rooms are very nice and comfortable. I have been very satisfied with my mother’s care.


Entire experience has been first rate.  The Staff is great - especially the Nurses. They are a very caring group.  Venetian gets an 'A' Rating


In the 15 months that Jack has been a resident of Venetian Gardens problems were take care of immediately & professionally. No institution is perfect but the staff of Venetian Gardens continue to try to improve & take care of problems as they arise. I appreciate the work they do to take care of jack. I thank you!


I think you’re doing a great job and a great facility! I appreciate the festive Christmas Party with Elvis. My mother was ecstatic to say the least. Thank you for making 2018 memorable for all of us. She loves it here & has made a few friends since she moved in. What a blessing Venetian Gardens is to the community and residents.


When mom moved to Venetian Gardens, she immediately improved by having social connections, regular meals, and medication given accurately. The nurses are loving and caring and I don’t think there could be a better activities director. Our family is blessed to have Venetian Garden’s angels watching over mom.


Our family cannot say enough about Venetian Gardens & all of the caring hands that play a vital role in our parent’s lives. The entire staff is quick to address suggestions & concerns that arise from time to time. We are especially impressed with the fact that staff listen & react with compassion as if our parents were their own kin – Kudos to Venetian Gardens!


After being a prior resident of Venetian Gardens, I was glad to return for post-surgery care. I was given the same treatment, care, helpful and friendly consideration as in the past. From the transport driver, nurses, aides, receptionist, and the cleaning crew. Everyone made my stay during the holiday perfect. Thank you all! You are the best!


This is the best place that I could be...I've been here for five years and I think this is the best place. The people that work here are the best. Tim W. is great.


People are very friendly and helpful. My brother really likes it here. They take real good care of him. Thank you!


When I showed up music was playing and some people started to dance. I thought that was funny.


We're thankful to have this facility here and for the wonderful staff. thank you for dinner tonight and the opportunity to volunteer and have the V6 Choir!

Ruth & Mike

I feel they are well organized and the care is very good. The staff is very professional and nice. They know my goals to walk safely and without pain and work with me during physical therapy to attain that goal. The staff's concern for the individual is excellent.


Very nice. Everyone is very pleasant.


My experience has been very good. My sister lives here full-time and everyone is very nice to here and always tells me how much they love her. I appreciate that very much. I feel that she gets good care and attention.


The staff in wing four have taken excellent care of [mom]. Thank you!


The luau party was a pretty setup - good music and very friendly people/staff. The cotton candy was yummy, keep up the great work. My grandma is very happy here.


Enjoy visiting my father. Everyone always tried to make me comfortable. If I have questions or concerns they are always addressed immediately. The home is clean and well maintained. Housekeeping always helps me with any issues that need to be addressed in my dad's room. Activities are scheduled on a daily basis to keep residents involved and active. Everyone is so good to my dad, I can't tell you what this means to me.


I'm so very pleased with the staff at your facility. I know it makes it easier for me and my family knowing the staff is always helpful and pleasant. Everyone has always made me feel comfortable to call or ask questions. I feel my mom gets the best around the clock care.


Everyone here was very nice and helpful in whatever way that they could. Thank you.


Everyone here has been extremely kind and courteous to me during my stay. The nurses treated me like a person and not a room number. The aides were always helpful to accommodate me and my needs. Activities were great! I made friends and had lots of fun.
PT and OT were great! They helped me to regain my strength and were very patient with me. The food was great - good variety and good flavors and nice portions. My thanks to everyone at Venetian Gardens.


I want to see the following people recognized for their duties, they go above and beyond. 1. Shelia Dietrick 2. Robin Snyder 3. Shayla Hammons 4. Dotty Nurse 5. Cassidy Chesser 6. Jennifer Cook 7. Shawna Norton


Everyone was so nice and friendly and very helpful during my stay with you. I have no complaints. Thank all of you!


Everyone has been very helpful and doing their job. Room is always clean, appreciated laundry help… Kitchen have been very helpful making sure I had food that I needed and liked.


I have been given excellent care every day and at night as well. My dietary allergies have been carefully taken care of to see I did not get food I should not eat. All the nurses, aides and caregivers, therapy doctors, and administrator and many others have been very kind. Venetain Gardens is close to my home, making it convenient for family and others to come.

I would highly recommend Venetain Gardens to everyone needing extra care from different types of rehabilitation and other needs. It is clean and a good or rather the best place for care.


I have worked with so many of the people here and they made me feel welcome. PT was very good about working with me and gave me drawings to take home and do. They have tried to give me anything I asked for to make me more comfortable.


Keep your physical therapy crew. They are great. They helped a lot. Some of the Nurses and Nurse Aides are great... I can't stop talking about your therapy group. They are fantastic so are some of your nurses and aides. I would give my stay about a 9. Thank you.


Everything was wonderful. Thank you.


The staff here were so nice and very helpful! And the rooms stayed nice and clean so I had such a great experience! Foods great! Also nurses named Robin and Sheila I think they worked so hard and they did a great job too! Also OT and Physical Therapy thanks so much for letting me stay here!


My Time here was great. The staff was very understanding, compassionate, to all my needs and expectations. Everyone was understanding and knowledgeable… I would offer Venetian Gardens to others. Thanks for all their help and caring; it was much appreciated by me.


Rhonda social worker – helpful, very nice. Suzanne – speech therapist, had very challenging word games, was very nice. All the PT’s that worked with me, I loved walking backwards… All the nurses kept on track with my meds and my questions. All the aides delivering meals and cups of ice and encouragement. Eric (COTA) who made me ice me smile every day. Thank you to all.


Tom says this is the best place he's been in. He was in 2 others for a very short time. He likes the nurses, aids, food workers, etc. very much and says the food is great. He was happy to have a view of the patio. The therapists and all he dealt with were super. Overall, we think it was great.


Everyone was so instrumental in my rehabilitation. I can't say enough nice things about:

Dottie - Full of love and good cheer. Compassion overload!
D'Dra - So kind and compassionate!
Sheila and Shayla are a great team. So caring and very accommodating to my every need. Great sense of humor.
Jennifer - What a sweetheart. Did a great job with my pain control.
Mechelle - We came to love and respect each other. She is great!
Robin - Infectious laugh and a good work ethic. Love her!
Emily - This is an amazing young lady- Gotta keep her!
Amanda - Good work ethic and very caring.
Kerri and Tim - Drove me to and from my appointments - sweethearts!
There are no words for Rhonda. She spent so much time and effort to get my problems solved. Definitely a keeper! Last but not least, Pam is the bomb! She gave me baths and my dignity. Love her!


The staff was outstanding. They did an initial assessment, identified alterations and immediately began mitigation efforts. The team was always attentive to both my mother and family. On her last day, the staff brought our family some drinks and snacks since we had been by her bedside. Also, Courtney, the CPN on that day was exceptional in providing care, medication and an advocate to get hospice in quickly. Her compassion was greatly appreciated by our family. This is not to diminish the great care provided by everyone else.

B. B.