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Happy National Activities Professional Week!

January 26, 2024
In honor of National Activities Professional Week, we'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our Activity Director, Amy Royse, and her dedicated team for their creativity, kindness, and devotion to our residents! Activities are the heartbeat of our facility, keeping residents active, happy, and involved. We love witnessing our residents thrive thanks to our incredible Activities Team at Venetian Gardens!

Amy Royse, Activities Director

Amy brings over two decades of professional experience and a deep commitment to enhancing residents' lives. Married for 22 years with two sons, Amy's journey in healthcare began at the age of 17 when she pursued the Diversified Health Program at Live Oaks. This led her to attain certifications in Diversified Health and Professionalism in Health Care, ultimately achieving the status of a Certified Nurse Aide.

A distinguished graduate with honors from Batavia High School and Live Oaks in 1995, Amy commenced her healthcare career as a caregiver at Clermont Mercy Hospital. Transitioning to long-term care, she served as a Certified Nurse Aide and engaged in extensive agency work. In May 2009, Amy embarked on a new chapter with employment at Venetian Gardens.

Drawing from her rich experience as a Certified Nurse Aide, Amy developed a profound interest in becoming an Activity Aide at Venetian Gardens. Recognizing the pivotal role of a resident-centered Activity Program in enriching lives, she aspired to be an Activity Director. Amy pursued the necessary certification and, with diligence, assumed the role.

Amy was honored to be nominated by her fellow coworkers and residents for Employee of the Year. Described as nice, helpful, always smiling and working, a problem solver, teacher, and compassionate, Amy ensures residents are treated with respect and dignity. She views being an Activity Director as the best, cherishing the privilege of putting residents first and contributing to their well-being on a daily basis.

Tracy Pauley, Activities Assistant

Tracy grew up in Goshen, Ohio, and attended Live Oaks Career Campus for her junior and senior years. She graduated in 2010 with a high school diploma and STNA certificate, along with CPR and AED certification. This led her to the healthcare field, where her sister also worked as a Nurse Aide at Venetian Gardens night shift. Tracy started at Clermont Nursing Care Center in September 2008, then transferred to a sister facility, Venetian Gardens, two years later, where she worked as a Nurse Aide on the night shift for an additional two years. She then continued full-time for three more years on the day shift.

Tracy switched to an Activity Aide role when she was expecting her first child in 2017, and she has been full-time in the Activity Department since then. She loves enriching the lives of the residents, and she is elated to have so many good friends at her workplace among residents and staff. Every smile makes a difference, and abundant smiles lead to happy and healthier humans.

Among the various activities she engages in, including manicures, games, crafts, exercising, and music, her favorite is Bingo. It brings joy to many residents and gives them something to look forward to. Activities in a long-term care setting are crucial for providing joy, cognitive stimulation, physical activity, social interaction, emotional well-being, and the best quality of life.

Tracy's smile makes a huge difference at Venetian Gardens, and the team has been celebrating her all week, from Dunkin' Donuts and coffee to two cakes at Bingo, lunch outings, and White Castle catering for everyone to enjoy. Tracy finds fulfillment in what she does, caring for people and making a positive impact. Residents describe her as the sweetest, always willing to go above and beyond to enrich every life she can. Tracy excels at her job and is truly passionate about making a difference.

We're so grateful to have someone like Tracy and Amy as part of the Venetian Gardens family!

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